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At Digital Entrepreneurs, we are committed to accelerating business success for entrepreneurs to create more wealth, freedom and connection.

With a focus of creating an action plan for youth unemployment, all the entrepreneurs attending at G20 YEA Summit had been collaboratively working together to shape global economic policies. A new report generated by Accenture based on a survey of 1,080 entrepreneurs from the G20 countries, described that every entrepreneur is a digital entrepreneur, with new and emerging technology set to enable innovative businesses to create up to 10 million new jobs for young people amongst the world’s G20 countries.

Digital technologies have paved the way for the emergence of digital entrepreneurs. Accenture said, “Every entrepreneur is now a digital entrepreneur who has been using business models that heavily use digital platforms to enable customers and businesses to share and exchange their assets”.

The Accenture report also added, “Large-scale open innovation is boosted by the rise of new digital technologies, which support participation by a large number of geographically dispersed participants and provide opportunities to create new business models”.

Knowing the importance of digital technology, Prabin Gautam – CEO of Digital Entrepreneurs Organisation highlighted the power of strong collaboration for producing great relationships for life/business, the influence of leaders and the importance of strategic alliance to go global.

These 12 months Digital Entrepreneurs Mastermind program is by invitation only. It is an environment only for SERIOUS and COMMITTED entrepreneurs who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

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