Paul McCarthy

paulPaul McCarthy is Australia’s Rock Star Marketer. He is the guy entrepreneurs come to see when they really want their business to ROCK. Paul’s penchant for getting things firing has helped propel tens of thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs into action. Spend any time with Paul and you quickly learn that procrastination is not an option. His energy and passion for life are infectious and compel people to want to start moving toward fulfilling their enormous potential.

The creator of the Priority Marketing System™, Paul’s innovative yet practical marketing strategies have literally transformed businesses from struggling enterprises into unstoppable cash-flow machines. Paul has coached, consulted, mentored, trained and worked with everyone from start up business owners to an entrepreneur with a personal worth of over $450 million dollars. When it comes to getting innovative marketing strategies that deliver proven results, Paul is the go to guy.

An award winning speaker and author of the acclaimed 8 Steps to a Remarkable Business, Paul McCarthy is in high demand as a keynote presenter. Renowned for his high energy, no-nonsense, practical, take action approach, Paul’s talks leave audiences highly motivated and inspired. A former professional musician Paul brings a unique approach to field of marketing. After surviving ten years in one of the toughest businesses on the planet, Paul knows that for an entrepreneur to really succeed they must become a Rock Star Marketer. As a member of the Entrepreneurs Alliance Inner Circle you will enjoy the unique opportunity to speak to, hear from and learn everything you need to know from this marketing extraordinaire to ensure you achieve remarkable success and create a business that truly rocks.

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