Designing Your Powerful Market Position

arrowDesigning Your Powerful Market Position

***Adelaide ***
Wednesday, 14 September 2016
from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Limited Seats

After a powerful start to the day with the Professional Speakers Australia meetup breakfast, it’s time to digger deeper and get your hands dirty creating the next stage of your business journey. Join us for this half day workshop were we maximise your opportunities and position your business for success.

It’s time to capture your market, launch your product, attract new great clients and win more of the work that you love!

It’s time to powerfully position yourself for success by using the methods and resources you’ll discover in this South Australian workshop.

For over 20 years Russell Pearson, the Brand Design Guy, founder of the award winning Crimson Fox Creative Studios and State President of Professional Speakers Australia, has been at the forefront of brand promotion, positioning and lead generation.

He has worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to position themselves to receive multi-million dollar contracts, global mergers and even improving lead return on investment by over 6000%.

Russell has been invited to share that experience with you through a hands-on, fun and engaging workshop to ensure you leave with an effecitve plan that you can put into motion the moment you step out the door.

In this exciting workshop you’ll:

  • Discover what it takes to position you and your business for your next season of success.
  • Explore new opportunities to acheive your personal market position.
  • Learn the difference between online and offline strategies and how you can take advantage of them.
  • Understand which marketing methods are working and which are a waste of your time.
  • Design your ideal market position and effective action plan to acheive it.
  • Social media analytics and monitoring tools for your business

Join your colleagues, friends and even meet someone new as you dive deep and search for the gold in your business while we position you for success.

All the best,

Date : Wednesday, 14 September 2016
Time : 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Cost : $97.00
Venue: Public Schools Club 207 East Terrace Adelaide, Adelaide
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