Business Planning Breakfast with TED TALK workshop

arrowBusiness Planning Breakfast with TED TALK workshop

Friday, 18th November 2016 From 7 AM


Limited Seats

Don’t miss this exclusive new interactive session that will show:

At the breakfast Prabin Gautam (Australia’s Digital Entrepreneur will give you his 9 step Business Success Blueprint 2017. He will then take you through each of the key result areas that you need to make decisions about now in order to see your business flourish in 2017, including your Value Proposition, Key Partners, Distribution Channels and Revenue Streams. This will be a practical session – you will be able to fill in some of the sections during the breakfast and Prabin will give you further details about how to complete the rest.

This is a terrific business planning tool and will give you greater confidence as you face the New Year in your business.

Business Planning -2017 for website

The other thing we will do at the breakfast is provide you with details of our new closed Facebook page which will give us all the opportunity to talk with each other online, share tips, information and ideas and provide each other with support on our speaking journey. I’ll also give you details about the upcoming PSA Convention on the Gold Coast

So – come along to the breakfast and get some great tools to help you build your business in 2017.


What makes a great TED TALK, and how you can apply it to your own presentations?


Without any exaggeration, this is a must-not-miss workshop. We are very pleased to be able to bring this workshop to Adelaide to help us all become better speakers, and to kick off what will be a great run of speakers coming through our meetings now and through the New Year.

2813(1) (Medium)Jon Yeo is the Curator and Licensee of TEDx Melbourne. For the past 7 years Jon has organised and run this amazing event which showcases the best ideas on offer in succinct and powerful presentations. Jon also runs Brightstar Consulting where he teaches executives and business leaders how to develop and package their messages for impact.

Jon is also the incoming President of PSA in Victoria, and in a great example of the generosity of PSA people in sharing information and ideas Jon very quickly offered to come to Adelaide to run this workshop which will improve your speaking ability and enable you to get your message across even more powerfully in 2017.

What the workshop will cover:

Many speakers understand the need to develop and memorise their talk – but very few have a framework for mastering their talk that reliably connects with the audience.

In this workshop Jon will give take you through a simple but powerful framework that is flexible and delivers huge impact. This framework has been used by professional speakers, sales people, CEOs and various TEDx events all over the world.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The types of talks you can deliver using this framework
  • How you can make your talk more relevant and engaging for your audience
  • How to use the framework to develop and deliver any presentation
  • The essential technical delivery aspects that gain impact – and how to measure impact so that you can improve it
  • Who you need to be to deliver your message with authenticity and integrity

AGAIN – if you know anything about TED talks you will realise the amazing opportunity this workshop presents to learn from the man who runs TED in Melbourne. The workshop will be practical and will give you the chance to work on your own talk so that you will go away with a structure for a speech that can carry you through next year.

Date: Friday 18th November, 2016
Time: From 7 am
Venue:Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

So – if you’re interested in coming along you have three options:


PLEASE NOTE: there will be a limit on the numbers we can take in the workshop, so please book early
Please let me know if you need further information – otherwise I look forward to seeing you there!

Gary Edwards
President – PSA Adelaide

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