Brad Tonini

bradBrad Tonini is an authority on Sales. He is called the Sales Strategist by his clients because he knows sales and knows how to get you thinking differently about the way you approach sales.

Brad works with Business Owners to get the focus right on being a Sales Driven Organisation, Sales Managers on showing them how to lead a SWAT team going to market and Sales People on getting the Selling Edge.

Brad has been in selling all his life and knows what it’s like at the coal face, to create your income solely by the sales you make.

He has been a successful business owner for over 20 years and 3 years ago sold his own multi-million dollar business in the field of executive diaries and promotional products so that he can work solely with his own consulting clients.

He has worked with a variety of companies in a number of industries – from retail to manufacturing to distribution and works with a number of small business owners “selling the invisible” to the market in the form of services.

Brad has developed a model which shows Entrepreneurs how to think about selling on 3 levels:-

  • Operational Selling – how to develop a sales process, dealing with common objectives and creating urgency around closing the business.
  • Tactical Selling – How to create structures and steps to new business selling and going higher, wider and deeper with your accounts.
  • Strategic Selling – How to create a philosophy and cut through message going to market.

By being a part of the Entrepreneurs Alliance Inner Circle, you get access to the thinking of Brad, his processes, his entrepreneurial thinking, and how to win in business.

Brad is a captivating speaker, a high content presenter who leave you with pages of actions and ideas to move your selling to the next level. He has authored 6 books, and over 13 DVD and CD audio programs as well as a number of  his own SellingEdgeTV website which has over 27 online video sales programs.

A Past National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia, the premier body for the professional speakers in Australia, Brad is highly regarded as a great speaker, coach and mentor to thousands of sales people and entrepreneurs.

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